Puzzle #001
California Poppy

California Poppy wooden jigsaw puzzle
Sponsor: Dave
Date Started Travels: May 18th, 2019


This puzzle started off the puzzle sharing that is at the 💜 Travling Puzzles. Donated as a raffle item at my first ever Association of Games and Puzzles conference in 2019, it raised $113.45 from all the generous tickets added to the draw bag. It means a lot to me since that was the first event I'd ever gone to, and everyone there was excited to meet me and see what cool puzzles I was making.

I was happy to see this puzzle go to Al Bloome, who swore up and down that he wasn't a puzzle guy, but still spent that night putting it together before hopping on a plane back to New Jersey. He was one of the first people that I spoke to in Denver, and was always happy to chit chat while walking about the Denver attractions. His ready smile and jokes helped me to get over my nervousness of meeting lots of new people!

This bit below is still in the works, so mind the nails on the floor and don't worry about that plaster dust sifting down from the ceiling. I'm sure that it will hold up ;p