"I bought this puzzle as a gift for friends and they absolutely loved it!! The package came quickly and was wrapped up so nicely and safely. I loved the personalized, handwritten note on the package!! Really made it feel like it was packaged with care."

Shimmer Sea Turtle Puzzle

"My mother absolutely loved the puzzle and it took her a long time to figure it out which was great! She loved your card too! Thank you so much I am very grateful!"

Shimmer Octopus Puzzle

"We really appreciate the help in sending this 60th birthday gift during the quarantine, she really loved it...she found the puzzle quite challenging!"

Marlette & Michele
Shimmer Sunflower Puzzle


Janell Amely

Puzzle Designer and Owner of 3 Cat Max

Hi there! My name is Janell Amely, creator of all the cool puzzles you see here. I'm passionate about inviting others to join me in the creative process and build fond memories with friends and family by re-assembling my artful puzzles. 

Here, we want you to touch the the art! My curiously peculiar puzzles are a pleasure to the fingertips, and the strangely shaped pieces appeal to the pattern recognition that triggers a dopamine release in our brains.

Still here? Some other tidbits about me: I'm a USMC vet, I grew up in Utah and now make sunny Georgia my home, I have 3 cat "helpers", love gardening and yoga, and am continually pushing my business to better and cleaner eco choices. I mail with recycled and recyclable paper products, and will soon be sourcing Forest Stewardship Council approved plywood for my wooden puzzles. 😻

Puzzling is the self care of choice around here, and my 3 cat helpers agree! 

ᓚᘏᗢ Supervisor Lilybug  ᓚᘏᗢ Shipping Manager Koopa  ᓚᘏᗢ #InternPeanut

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